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Docks Art Fair & Montblanc team up for the second year to organize the Montblanc Docks Art Fair Prize in order to honour the work of a gallery and the talent of one artist.

The Montblanc brand is historically and naturally bounded to artistic creation, to the art of writing, of expressing thoughts and staging them. This intellectual dimension of the brand is part of its genes and did not stop developing through its products but also through its communication in its widest meaning.

It opened itself at multiple artistic forms as classical music, opera, contemporary painting, and more recently cinema and photography.

Montblanc supports numerous projects in those different domains. Particularly through its Cultural Foundation which rewards every year, since 1992, illustrious Arts sponsors in 11 different countries, of which France of course.

It was thus natural to sponsor the Montblanc/Docks Art fair prize which distinguishes the best of contemporary artistic creation in such eclectic domains.

The prize is awarded by an international selection committee to one of the artists presented.

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